Project Design Assistance

Project Design Assistance
In order to maximize profitability of a project and ensure the efficiency of the sales process, we recommend that Alchemy be included at the earliest possible stage of development. By drawing upon our past development experience, we have been able to save our clients significant amounts of time and money. For our team to be most effective, we recommend involving Alchemy before major building design and program decisions have been finalized.

Site Analysis
Alchemy has unparalleled practical and conceptual experience evaluating site locations. Our expertise in zoning allows us to assist in recommending site unit loads, parking, floor area ratio and open space requirements.

Design Development
Our team closely monitors what buyers are responding to in the marketplace. We can advise on the best selling interior and exterior design elements, standards for finishes, the number and type of units to be constructed, as well as upgrade options.

Physical Amenities
Sometimes a little extra can make the difference for a quick and profitable sellout. Allow us to assist when budgeting for exercise and health facilities, passive amenities and landscaping improvements.

Service Amenities
Alchemy will recommend a series of basic services and amenities for the property based on consumer and market research. As appropriate, our team will also recommend upscale service amenities and required customer service provisions.